Graceworks Demolition & Recycling Ltd is committed to the protection of our employees and property from accidental damage or injury.

We believe:

  • That every job can be done safely and without injury
  • That safety is everyone's responsibility
  • A safe and healthy operation is an efficient operation

Our commitment is:

  • To provide our employees with a safe workplace, safe methods, safe equipment and proper materials
  • To adhere to the principals of Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and other applicable legislation
  • To safeguard our employees from any foreseeable hazards
  • To train all employees in safe work practices and make them aware of their own responsibilities to promote a safe place of work
  • To actively encourage and insist that safe work methods are practised
  • To provide general health and safety training for new entrants at all levels
  • To provide appropriate medical and first aid facilities
  • To maintain a health and safety register, monitoring our health and safety performance
  • Involve employees in setting and maintaining daily hazard awareness monitoring to meet our health and safety objectives
  • Actively monitor and evaluate this policy to ensure its effectiveness

This policy will be supplemented by more detailed rules and procedures relevant to specific work site locations.